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Show Me the Stats!

We are a stickler for stats, send us a document with facts, figures and percentages and we will nerd out over them for ages!

Some very shocking truths recently read - The Great Barrier Reef will die, if no action is taken in 'some say' 80 years. Notwithstanding every year 500 million kilograms of textiles are dumped in landfill here in Australia! The fashion industry is the second largest contributor in the world today (behind oil).

We know we’re on the right track with Watermark Swimwear as our sustainable swimwear techno-fabric supports healthy seas. Made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems (eg. recovered fishing nets, plastic bottles) into fashion.

We’re so fortunate in Australia to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but sadly plastic pollution and threats including fishing nets are still a major issue for endangered animals, including turtles. We were saddened to hear that a study found that 9000 of the ghost nets found on beaches across Australia had likely resulted in the death of between 4866 and 14600 turtles.

We couldn’t be prouder today, knowing we made a conscious decision to ensure our swimwear supports the ocean.

Check out Lara standing with this Giant Glow in the Dark Turtle!


At the core of Watermark Swimwear is a desire to create sexy, quality, individualistic swimwear lingerie designs that enhance confidence, accentuate self-esteem & inspire genuine compliments.


Get behind us - Australian Designed/Australian Made (giving back Australian jobs and protecting our environment)


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