Watermark Waddle – are you comfortable in the rear-view mirror? – Watermark Swimwear

Watermark Waddle – are you comfortable in the rear-view mirror?

peach one piece from Watermark Swimwear.

You think you’ve got it right, right? Finding the right bikini bottom can be really intimidating.  There’s so many styles out there.  How are you supposed to know which one suits your rear the best?

Here’s where the Watermark Swimwear Team can help.

If you’re looking to show off your derriere this summer – for the main, there’s a bikini style out there that suits a variety of body shapes.   Let’s look a little more closely.

Start with the Hipster – so you’re rocking your curves with confidence.  Hipsters bikini bottoms work by accentuating curves to a boxy style butt or an athletic body shape.

The Side-Tie – You’re in control because you can decide on how much coverage you get or not from a side tie bikini bottom.  How you tie will define how much lift you create – pouching up a peachier posterior. 

The side tie also flatters to smaller botty.  The tie draws the eye away from the bottom and shifts the focus to the side buttock.

Hot Brazilian – make your bum appear fuller – the Brazilian will certainly set you aside and impress a larger bottom shape if you looking for the fuller botty that is! You can’t be shy with this style though; you have to own it! 

Remember if you have a round or wide derriere, the Brazilian will have a counter effect.  So if you’ve got it, flaunt it, because less is more!

Retro right now!  Emphasise your natural curves with a killer high waisted bikini bottom, the high waistband lifts a small or flat bot.  This style will give you the support you’re looking for, making you feel so confident on the beach and/or heading to the pool party – giving you a very chic sophisticated poolside presence.

Now you’re ready to show off your booty in a bikini style just right for you!

Watermark Swimwear want you to feel confident and sexy.



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